Appointments at the Practice

We run an appointment system at the Practice. GP appointments are normally scheduled at 10 minute intervals and can be booked up to one month in advance.

If you have more than one problem to discuss or need more than 10 minutes, you should request a double appointment (20 minutes). If this cannot be done, the GP may ask you to choose the most important problem to deal with in the time available.

Appointments with our nurses and other health professionals may be longer, depending on the nature of the appointment. These appointments cannot be booked online.

How to Book an appointment

How to Cancel an appointment

Who Do I see?

Before booking an appointment it is worth making sure that you are seeing the most appropriate medical professional for your needs. The admin staff will ask you for a reason for the call to help direct your problem. Depending on your medical query you may be best suited to see a Nurse, a Pharmacist, a Receptionist or a Health Care Assistant rather than a GP.

You can use the drop down box on this page to help you to asses which medical professional’s help you should seek. If your condition is not within the list we advise that you speak to a receptionist who will be able to allocate you an appointment with the most appropriate medical practitioner.

When booking an appointment with a GP, please see your “Usual GP”, who is the named accountable GP responsible for your overall care at the practice. For more information, see our Usual GP (Named Accountable GP) page.



Who do I see

For information on how best to be seen at the Surgery, select the service or condition you require: