Flu Vaccination Information 2021

This year we will be running our flu clinics in the Red House car park under gazebos, as being outside significantly reduces the risk of Covid transmission. We will have entry and exit lanes, an admin area and 3 clinical areas to administer the vaccine. We are expecting a huge increase in attendance by patients for their flu jab, as well as the need to administer the vaccine whilst maintaining social distancing and clinicians being in PPE.

Please do not attend if you have any symptoms indicating possible Covid infection.

You must wear a mask when you attend, and it would be helpful if you can wear a short sleeved top. However bearing in mind typical British weather, you may need a jacket over the top. You will be directed to an admin area to log your details on the system. Once your details have been logged on the system you will be directed to the clinician administering the vaccine. You will then be given your vaccine and directed to the exit lane.

A huge amount of work has gone into trying to make this year’s flu clinics as efficient and safe as possible so that we can vaccinate as many of our eligible patients within the shortest possible time to protect you from flu infection.

You will be sent a text with an allocated clinic date and time beforehand, and we would be most grateful if you could attend that clinic date and time only.

The Walk-in Flu clinics below will be held at The Red House:

  • Saturday 11th September,  9am to 12noon over 65 only
  • Tuesday 14th September, 9am to 4pm, over 65 only
  • Thursday 16th September, 9am to 4pm, over 65 and under 65(at risk)
  • Saturday 18th September, 9am to 12noon, under 65(at risk) / Invited over 65
  • Saturday  9th October, 9am to 12noon, under 65(at risk) / Invited over 65
  • Tuesday 12th October, 9am to 4pm, Catch-up clinic for those unvaccinated

Please note: There will be a separate clinic for Children who will be invited in due course.

Flu Vaccine delays

Dear Patients,

You will have heard in the press about a national delay in flu vaccination deliveries. Unfortunately, our current batch have been delayed and therefore we have had to reschedule our Flu clinic on Tuesday 12th October to Tuesday 19th October 2021. Please attend between 9-12noon on Tuesday 19th October for your flu vaccination. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.