How To Register

To register with the practice you will need to:

  • Complete a GMS1 form

  • Complete a New Patient Questionnaire

Once completed you will need to attend the surgery in person with your:

  • photo identification (passport, driving licence etc), and separate
  • proof of address (dated with the last 3 months – Council Tax Bill, Utility Bill etc)

GMS1 Form

To register at the practice you will need to complete and sign a GMS1 Form. Please note that we will need to receive a completed form for each person registering at the practice, including children.

You can obtain a GMS1 form from the surgery reception. Alternatively you can complete a GMS1 form at home by clicking on the following link and downloading the form:

You should complete and sign the form, then hand it in at the surgery reception.


New Patient Questionnaire

As well as completing a GMS1 form, we also ask you to complete a short New Patient Questionnaire.  This questionnaire will be attached to your GMS1 if you obtain it from surgery reception.  Otherwise you can download it at the following link:

The completed questionnaire should be handed in with your signed and completed GMS1 form at the surgery reception.


What happens next?

Once we have received your signed GMS1 Form and complete questionnaire, we will register you as a patient of the Red House Group.  We will also assign one of our GPs as your Usual GP – he or she will be the person primarily responsible for your care.  For more information, see our Usual GP (Named Accountable GP) page.

If you have previously been registered with another GP practice in the UK then in due course your medical notes will be transferred to us.  In most cases your notes will be transferred to us electronically using a national system called GP2GP.  By April 2015, all transfers of medical notes will be made electronically using this system.

Under GP2GP your full medical record is transferred to us quickly and securely, ready for your first appointment.  This means that you should have no interruptions to your treatment and you will not need to explain anything that took place in the past.  We will also know your medication history and any allergies you may have.

For more information about the GP2GP system and the transfer of medical records between practices, please see the GP2GP Patient Leaflet.