Electronic Prescription Service (EPS)

Since 3rd December 2014, the Red House Group has been offering the Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) to our patients.

What is the Electronic Prescription Service?

The Electronic Prescription Service, or EPS, is an NHS service that offers an improved way of dealing with prescriptions and obtaining your medication.

Previously, all the prescriptions we produced were printed and manually signed by a GP (or prescribing nurse).  They were then made available for collection at the surgery or, for those patients using a local pharmacy collection service, were collected by the appropriate pharmacy.

If you choose to use EPS, your prescription will no longer be printed.  Instead, it will be electronically signed by the GP and then sent electronically to a pharmacy of your choice.  The pharmacy will then prepare your medication for you to collect.


How do I use EPS?

To use EPS, you will need to have nominated a pharmacy for us to electronically send your prescription to.  You can choose any pharmacy that offers EPS, including any of our local pharmacies.  However, the pharmacy does not have to be local – for example, you may wish to choose a pharmacy close to your place of work.

Simply ask your chosen pharmacy to add your nomination for you and subsequent prescriptions we produce will be sent electronically to that destination.  You can also ask us to register your nomination if you prefer – simply visit your registered surgery.

If you subsequently wish to change or cancel your nomination, you can do so at any pharmacy that offers EPS, or ask at your registered surgery.


What are the benefits of using EPS?

If you choose to use EPS, you will not need to visit the surgery to collect a prescription or wait at the pharmacy for your medication to be prepared.  Instead your medication should be ready for you to collect at your nominated pharmacy.

If you already use a local pharmacy collection service, then you will already be collecting your medication from a local pharmacy without having to visit the surgery.  However, you may still wish to ask the pharmacy to add their nomination for EPS (if not done already), as there are further benefits to using the system.

In particular, whereas paper prescriptions take time to be sorted and collected by the relevant pharmacies, electronic prescriptions are sent almost instantaneously after signing.  Furthermore, unlike their paper counterparts, electronic prescriptions cannot be lost or misplaced.


Can I still collect paper prescriptions?

Yes, you do not have to use EPS.  If you prefer, you can continue collecting signed paper prescriptions from the surgery in the usual way.  These can continue to be taken to any pharmacy of your choice.

If you have previously nominated a pharmacy for EPS, but wish to revert to collecting paper prescriptions, simply ask at your registered surgery and we will remove your nomination.


Where can I find further information?

For more information, download the EPS Information Summary or visit the NHS Electronic Prescription Service website.