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Are you young and Jewish?

As a practice serving an area with one of the highest Jewish populations in the country we are keen to ensure that our Jewish patients are aware of the importance of screening for those inherited diseases more commonly found in the Jewish population.

The NHS offers free blood tests to test for Tay- Sachs carriers (at Barnet and Guy’s Hospital). You can be referred for this so mention it at you next appointment or come in and see your GP or nurse. However there are a whole set of other disorders that can affect the newborn child for example Canavan’s Disease, Bloom’s Syndrome and Fanconi Syndrome.

The charity Jnetics offers information and specially subsidised screening sessions ideal if you are Jewish and in the age group where you could be thinking about having children or getting married. Details of these sessions are to be found on the Jnetics website.

If you and your partner/ spouse are found to be genetic carriers modern technology and techniques can help to avoid the tragedy of having a child with one of these life threatening and destructive conditions. A simple blood test is all it takes so contact or discuss these tests with your GP or nurse.