Diabetes Reviews

Diabetes reviews are offered on a regular basis to those patients who have been diagnosed with the condition. It is recommended that patients with diabetes attend a review every 12 months.

The purpose of a regular diabetes review is to help patients manage their diabetes as well as possible. This includes:

  • Assessing any problems with glycaemic control and addressing them.
  • Providing healthy lifestyle advice and support, including how patients can best alter their lifestyle to maintain their health.
  • Detecting any complications of diabetes.

As part of the review, the clinician will take your blood pressure, measure your weight and check your feet and pulses. They will also ensure that you are receiving regular diabetic eye screening.

To assist your clinician at your review it’s recommended that you complete and regularly fill in your Diabetes Care Plan,  taking it with you to your consultations, you’ll be able to monitor your progress over time and use it to discuss this with your doctor or nurse at your appointment. This will help with the management of your diabetes.

Before the review, you will be asked to take a diabetic blood test.  You will need to book an appointment at one of our Phlebotomy Clinics at least one week before your review, and will need to fast for 12 hours prior to this test.  More information about tests and results may be found on our Laboratory Tests page.

More information about diabetes and how to manage the condition can be found on the Diabetes UK website.

Related Clinics and Services

All patients diagnosed with diabetes are referred to our in-house diabetic dietician.  For more information about this specialist clinic, please see our Diabetic Dietician section.

It is recommended that patients with diabetes attend a Retinal Screening appointment every 12 months.  You will receive a letter every year from the Diabetic Retinal Screening Service inviting you to make an appointment with them.

If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, we recommend that you receive a Seasonal Flu Vaccination every year.  You should receive an invitation letter for this in September.  You will also be offered a one-off pneumococcal (PPV) vaccination to protect against pneumococcal Infection, if you have never received one before.

Also, if you are a current smoker, we strongly recommend you take advantage of our Smoking Cessation Clinic.