ONE YOU Campaign

As you may be aware, Public Health England has recently launched a new lifestyle improvement campaign called One You, targeting 40-60 year olds. Many adults can expect to live into their mid-80s. There is a common belief that a gradual deterioration in physical and mental health is an inevitable part of ageing, however much of how we age is down to lifestyle; a staggering 70% of adult diseases could be prevented through lifestyle changes.

One You is our opportunity to change things.  It encourages people to make healthy choices by:

  • eating better
  • moving more
  • drinking less alcohol
  • going smoke free
  • stressing less
  • sleeping well
  • self-checking (asking yourself ‘how are you?’)

One You aims to help people recognise that they have the power to change and provides them with practical advice to make it easier to do so.  As part of the campaign, people are being encouraged to take an online quiz to see how healthy they are: