Travel Advice & Vaccinations

Travel Appointments

We have a dedicated Travel clinic which is held at The Red House Surgery ONLY. You should book one of these appointments and complete the travel risk assessment form to receive any travel vaccinations that you require.

Please call the surgery and book an appointment for a travel clinic with the nurse. Once you have booked an appointment, please either come to the surgery to collect a risk assessment form or download the one on the link above. Please bring this form to your appointment, this is essential. The price list is attached to the form, as well as a useful link which gives free government advice on travel vaccinations. Remember, only some vaccines are paid for by the NHS, many are self-funded.

Please include as much information you have regarding your previous travel vaccinations. If vaccinations were not administered at one of The Red House Group Practices we often do not have access to this information on your records.

Please attend our travel clinic, as early as possible before you travel – preferably as soon as your plans are finalised. Ideally, for a regular holiday you should contact us ten weeks before you travel, and preferably more. For certain destinations and particular types of trips such as backpacking, you should ideally contact us at least four months before, as a full course of some vaccinations can take several appointments to complete.

Our travel clinic gets booked up very quickly in advance, if we are unable to offer a travel appointment please attend an alternative travel clinic for your vaccinations.

Which Travel Vaccinations will I need?

The requirements for your travel will be discussed with the Nurse at your travel appointment. Information about the vaccinations recommended for particular destinations can be found on the Travel Health Pro website. Please note, however, that the information given there is only a guide and the particular vaccinations recommended for you will depend on the type of trip you are taking, where you are staying, the length of your stay and your past medical history.

At a travel appointment, the nurse will also provide detailed advice to help you stay safe and well on your trip. This includes advice about staying healthy on flights, safe food and drink, sun exposure and avoiding infection. For a summary of this advice, please download our general Travel Advice Leaflet. You will be given a copy of this leaflet when you attend your appointment.

As we are an accredited Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre, our travel appointments are open to both registered and non-registered patients. Please note, however, that although certain vaccinations can be given for free to registered patients, we are obliged to charge for all vaccinations given to non-registered patients.

Charges for Travel Vaccinations and Medication

All travel medication and most travel vaccinations are not covered under the NHS.  As such, we are obliged to charge for supplying these. However, a few vaccinations are covered by the NHS, and these we are able to give free of charge to our registered patients only.

Please download our Travel Clinic Prices for details of our current travel vaccination and medication prices.